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颐东点心 Chef Tony Dim Sum

颐东点心 Chef Tony Dim Sum

颐东点心 Chef Tony Dim Sum

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只限堂吃 Dine - In Only




1. 電子代金券適用於支付用餐賬單

2. 結賬時展示二維碼即可在店內兌換。

3. 在截止期限前使用有效

4. 不能兌換現金

5. 電子代金券一旦購買, 不予換貨、退款或退貨。

6. 如果消費金額少於優惠券金額,未使用的部分將作廢, 餘額將不會以現金形式退還, 也不能用作小費。

7. 一張電子代金券只能對應支付一次用餐賬單,也就是一張用餐賬單不能使用多張電子代金券。

8. 如商家在電子代金券有效期內停止營業導致電子代金券無法使用,鳳凰衛視美國有限公司負責退款。

9. 在美國營業時間有效(僅限美國)

10. 如商家為連鎖企業,電子代金券只適用於參與活動的商家。

11. 電子代金券是一种经核准的付款方式,在鳳凰衛視美洲台網站購買都可以在门店兑换。當您支付賬單時請出示此“電子代金券”,不可影印或其他複印,不可轉賣,不可重複使用,“電子代金券”如果遺失或被盜,本公司恕不負責。如果您遇到任何问题,请联系我们的 客户支持团队。

"Electronic voucher" usage rules:

Redemption instructions:

1. E-vouchers can be used to pay dining bills

2. Display the QR code at checkout to redeem in-store.

3. No cash exchange

4. Valid for use before the deadline

5. Once the electronic voucher is purchased, it cannot be exchanged, refunded or returned.

6. If the consumption amount is less than the coupon amount, the unused amount will be forfeited, and the balance will not be refunded in cash, nor can it be used as a tip.

7. One electronic voucher can only be used to pay one dining bill, that is, one dining bill cannot use multiple electronic vouchers.

8. If the merchant stops operating within the validity period of the e-voucher and the e-voucher cannot be used, Phoenix Satellite TV (U.S.), Inc. will be responsible for the refund

9. Valid in US only.

10. If the merchant is a chain enterprise, the e-voucher is only applicable to participating merchants.

11. The electronic voucher is an approved payment method, which can be redeemed at the store if purchased on the website of Phoenix Satellite TV (U.S.), Inc. Please present this "e-voucher" when you pay the bill. It cannot be photocopied or copied, resold, or reused. The company will not be responsible for any loss or theft of the "e-voucher". If you encounter any issues, please contact our customer support team.



Chef Tony Dim Sum at The Atlantic

Located inside the Courtyard by Marriott Monterey Park Hotel

555 N. Atlantic Blvd


Chef Tony Dim Sum Arcadia

1108 S Baldwin Ave, Arcadia, CA 91007

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